Scientists of CRH held their own at European Congress of Biotechnology

The Center of the Region Haná for Biotechnological and Agricultural Research (CRH) had a remarkable representation at this year’s 18th European Congress of Biotechnology held by the European Federation of Biotechnology (EFB) in Geneva. It was in Switzerland where 40 years ago EFB was founded.

Researchers from Olomouc contributed by a total of five lectures to the scientific program, which is addressed to academics, representatives of public research institutions and participants from the business sphere. In addition, CRH Director Ivo Frébort and Head of Department of Cell Biology, Jozef Šamaj, presided several program sections. The findings of their own research were shared by Tomas Takac, Miroslav Ovečka and Despina Samakovli, in addition to Professor Šamaj, who belonged to the invited speakers. Doctoral student Alžběta Mičúchová experienced her premiere performance at a large-scale international forum.

“Congress is an excellent platform not only for sharing new information but also for establishing contacts, which is especially important for young scientists. I am glad that our employees have greatly benefited this year and the lecturers have succeeded in strong competition,” said CRH Frébort, a member of EFB’s Executive Board.

The meeting in Geneva was also the starting point for the forthcoming Plant Biotechnology: Green for Good V Conference, which will take place under the direction of CRH in Olomouc in June next year. “The conference is strongly supported by EFB, which will be the co-organizer for the third time. We also discussed cooperation with the Asian Federation of Biotechnology, which promised to contribute to the scientific agenda of the conference. In this context, a higher number of participants from Asia can be expected to participate in the event,” said Michaela Holecová, member of the organizing committee.

Congress was attended by 700 delegates, with South Korea having the largest representation, indicating a growing interest in cooperation from Asian partners. Next year a Congress of the Asian Federation of Biotechnology will take place in Taiwan.