Successful project application for pre-seed activities support

Project “New technologies in chemistry and biology at Palacký University” prepared in cooperation of Centre of the Region Haná for Biotechnological and Agricultural Research and Regional Centre of Advanced Technologies and Materials was approved for financial support from OP Research and Development for Innovations. This support enables final preparation of commercially promising R&D results of both centres for future commercialization.

R&D results potentially interesting for companies in Czech Republic and abroad were identified in both centres. These results need to be completed, it means performance of different tests, verification of technical feasibility, setting-up of commercialization plan, intellectual property rights protection, commercial potential verification etc..

Approved financial support in total amount  18 122 601 CZK will be used for these activities in 2014 – 2015. Part of it is planned for realization team which will be responsible for communication and cooperation with companies and for project administration. This team will continue in its work also after end of the project and will perform similar activities for other new promising  R&D results of both centres.

Submitted project consisted of 7 R&D results out of which 5 were approved for financial support. Detail verification of potential of all 5 results will be done in first project phase “Proof of Concept” (in year 2014). Best of them will be selected for second phase “Preparation of commercialization” to finish their preparation (in year 2015) and these results will be finally offered to interested companies.

This „pre-seed“ project is first grant of this type at Palacký University and means new opportunity for commercial utilization of some of R&D results of long-term research performed at the university.