Contract Research

Offer of contract research includes services for commercial and other subjects dealing with own research, development and innovations. Services are provided by well-experienced researchers, modern equipment and extensive know-how of the Centre. Based on our previous contract research projects we are able to meet specific needs of commercial sector. Contract research projects offer access to specific know-how and equipment and competitiveness increasing. 


Examples of contract research projects

TEVA Czech Industries s.r.o.: Gene modification of Claviceps purpurea to increase production of ergot alkaloids, (2009-2013), Petr Galuszka, Helena Hulvová

ÚSOVSKO  a. s.: Development of extraction method of small peptides from barley caryopsis (2013-2014),  Edita Andrýsková

CHEMAP AGRO s.r.o.: Tests of growth stimulators and nutrition effects on cereals (2013-2014), Radoslav Koprna

BEIDEA s.r.o.: Influence of combined growth stimulators on chosen crops and their morphological and yield parameters (2013-2014), Radoslav Koprna


Offer of contract research – list of services

Besides basic offer of services listed below special services on request can be provided as well.

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