Grants completed

Grants completed in 2014 – 2016 (previous grants are not listed here)

International grants

MŠMT ČR, 6. FP, 7AMB15AT011, Qualitative and quantitative analysis of the performance of pseudotrypsin towards protein substrates as a contribution to proteomics (2015-2016),  Marek Šebela

MŠMT ČR, 6. FP, 7AMB15AT004, Effects of strigolactone analogues on subcellular distribution of dynamic PIN proteins in Arabidopsis (2015-2016), Petr Tarkowski

MŠMT ČR, 7AMB15AR011, Analysis of the role of cytokinins in the regulation of leaf senescence and N mobilization in genetically modified cereals in response to various abiotic stressors (2015 – 2016), Mária Šmehilová

MSMT CR, LG12021, Cooperation with Bioversity International on global analysis and preservation of banana genetic diversity (BIOVERISTY) (2012-2014), Jaroslav Doležel

MŠMT ČR, 6. FP, 7AMB13AR014, Analysis of the role of cytokinins in the regulation of leaf senescence and N mobilization in genetically modified cereals and recombinant substitution lines with improved grain protein content (2013-2014, completion in 2015), Mária Šmehilová

MŠMT ČR, LH13069, Characterization of novel ABC transporters in monocots (2013-2015), investigator Ludmila Ohnoutková

EC-Research Executive Agency, FP7-PEOPLE-2012-CIG, 322139, Structural response of photosynthetic apparatus to stress (2013-2016), Roman Kouřil

National grants

AKTION ČR-Rakousko, 74p4,  Ekonomické aspekty zimních ztrát včelstev a výzkum imunity včel (2016), Jiří Danihlík

GA CR, P501/12/2220, Sex chromosome evolution – chromosome-specific genomics in genus Silene (2012-2016), Roman Hobza, Jan Šafář (co-investigator)

GA CR, P501/12/0161, Cyanobacterium Nostoc as a genetic and functional model for the plant cytokinin hormone metabolism (2012 – 2016), Ivo Frébort

GA CR, GA13-28093S, Impact of temperature and photosynthetically active radiation on dynamics of regulation of photosystem II function in higher plants (2013 – 2016), co-investigator Roman Kouřil

GA CR, GA13-04454S, Foreign genetic material in Elymus repens and other Triticeae grasses: its nature, origin, and evolutionary implications (2013-2016), co-investigator Jan Šafář

GA ČR, GA14-34792S, New analytical approaches in phytohormone analysis (2014-2016), investigator Ondřej Novák, co-investigator Danuše Tarkowská

GA ČR, GP14-27669P,  The study of molecular mechanisms of anticancer and antiangiogenic activities of brassinosteroids (2014-2016),  Lucie Rárová

GA ČR, GA14-07164S, Cloning and molecular characterization of wheat QPm-tut-4A gene conferring seedling and adult plant race nonspecific powdery mildew resistance (2014-2016), Miroslav Valárik

GA ČR, GP14-07418P, Mode of action of cytokinin signalling antagonists in the cadmium stress – prevention of uptake or increased sequestration? (2014-2016), Markéta Gemrotová

GA ČR, GA14-12355S, Whole transcriptome study of transgenic barley with altered cytokinin homeostasis (2014-2016), Petr Galuszka

GA ČR, GP14-27598P, Mitogen-activated protein kinase-dependent phosphorylation and functional regulation of cytoskeletal End binding 1c protein (2014-2016), Anna Doskočilová

GA ČR, GA14-28443S, Dark matter in plant cell nuclei – characterization of nuclear proteins (2014-2016), investigator Marek Šebela, co-investigator Beáta Petrovská

AKTION CZ-Austria, 71p6, Honey bee colony losses in Austria and Czech Republic and relation to the bee immune system  (2015), Jiří Danihlík

MŠMT, LK21306, Targeted Metabolite Profiling of Plant Growth Regulators (2013-2015), Ondřej Novák

OP VaVpI, CZ.1.05/3.1.00/14.0302, New technologies in chemistry and biology at UP (2014-2015), Lubomír Lapčík (common project with RCPTM centre)

OP VaVpI, CZ.1.05/3.1.00/14.0327, New biotechnological products of IEB ASCR (2014-2015), Miroslav Strnad

AV ČR, Program for perspective human resources – salary support for postdoctoral students in Institute of Experimental Botany AS CR (2014-2015), Jana Čížková

OP VK, CZ.1.07/2.2.00/28.0172, BIONEXT – Innovation of experimental biology study for laboratory medicine, (2013-2015), Tomáš Gucký

GA CR, GA13-29294S, Photonic biosignals: measurement and characterization (2013 – 2015), co-investigator Pavel Pospíšil

OP VK, CZ.1.07/2.3.00/20.0165, Integration of research team of the Centre of the region Haná into international collaboration (INTERHANA), (2012 – 2015), Ivo Frébort

GA CR, P506/12/1320, Will orchids reshape our understanding of genome-wide processes? Solving the enigma of progressively partial endoreduplication (2012-2015), Jan Vrána (co-investigator)

GA CR, P501/12/0597, Production of ergot alkaloid during the interaction of rye plant (Secale cereale) with fungus Claviceps purpurea (2012 – 2015), Petr Galuszka

GA CR, P501/12/2554, Physical map of wheat chromosome arm 7DS and its use to clone a Russian wheat aphid resistance gene (2012-2015), Hana Šimková

GA CR, GAP501/11/1764, Plant stress signaling by mitogen‐activated proteinkinases: from basic research Arabidopsis to biotechnological applications in plants (2011-2015), Jozef Samaj

TACR, TA01010861, Research, testing and production of targeted growth regulators, new fertilizers and combined products for plant production (2011-2015), Lukáš Spíchal

OP VK, CZ.1.07/2.3.00/20.0057, Development and internalization of biophysic research of Faculty of Science, Palacky University Olomouc (2012-2014), Petr Ilík

OP VK, CZ.1.07/2.2.00/15.0309, Innovation and attractiveness increasing of biophysics (2011-2014), Petr Ilík

OP VK, CZ.1.07/2.2.00/28.0084, Příprava absolventů přírodovědeckých oborů pro uplatnění v evropských biotechnologických institucích (BIO-TECHNO), (2012-2014), Ivo Frébort

GA CR, P501/12/P455, The role of mitogen-activated protein kinases (MPKs) in barley responses to Puccinia hordei attack (2012 – 2014), Pavel Křenek

GA CR, P503/12/P166, The products of oxidative degradation of phenolic compounds in plant foods (2012-2014), Jiří Grúz

GA CR, GAP501/11/0504, Genome interactions in interspecific hybrids xFestulolium (2011-2014), David Kopecký

GA CR, GAP501/10/1141, Tissue- and organelle-specific compartmentation of metabolism and cytokinin perception in maize (2010-2014), Petr Galuszka

MPO, FR-TI3/383, Výzkum a vývoj modulárního systému fytotronových komor s nízkou energetickou spotřebou (2011-2014), Ivo Frébort